Friday, January 30, 2009

Gummy Smiles

Morning time is so much fun with Abigail. She's wide awake and alert from a long night's sleep, and when she wakes she eats, so her belly is full...then it's time to play. She coos and will stick her tongue out (which is her way of playing with us). Recently she's been opening her mouth so wide, all you get is one big gummy smile! I love it! I had captured a cute smile on my camera phone and sent it to Matt, my mom and Matt's dad. When I sent pics to my mom, she'll usually call. I put the phone on speaker so Abigail could hear her Nina talk, and she kept cooing and smiling. Now the two of us are off to walk the mall since it's still too cold to walk the neighborhood. :) Have a great day everyone!