Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abby's Getting Chatty

So everyone says that time will absolutely fly by as you watch your little one grow into a bumbling, tumbling toddler and to expect to see her do something different and new everyday. Well, recently little Miss Abigail has begun to do more than just mumble a sound or two. It started a few weeks ago with Jill at home, but now she's letting loose. It's as if she's trying to carry on a conversation with us and it's absolutely adorable. It's now the highlight of my time in the evenings with Abby because it seems like we're actually communicating, which is so much more than the quiet little baby we knew only a few weeks ago.

Just this weekend we went to the baptism of the child of one of Jill's cousins, and we joined everyone for brunch at a family members home. Abby was in a good mood and went in another room with Deena while Jill and I finished eating. After finishing I walked into the living room to find Abby talking away to anyone who would look at her and listen. Makes me think we're going to have a social little bee on our hands because she didn't even care that Mom & Dad were way off in another room. :-)

Anyways, here are a few vids that we shot over the weekend. Most of her jibberish is spoken at the beginning of this first video while the majority of it is just of her having the hiccups. Still cute, of course!

Abby Speaks and Hiccups from Matt Barnes on Vimeo.

This next video was taken shortly after the hiccups went away.

Talkin & Kickin from Abigail Barnes on Vimeo.