Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Snuggle Bug

I have a Snuggle Bug today. She's so cute, and slightly pathetic with her occasional whimper. As I type, she's snuggled on my chest sleeping on my bodily pillow...she's been here for at least an hour sleeping on and off.

Abigail is official 2mo old and we went for her well visit at the Pediatrician yesterday. At birth she weighed 6lbs 2oz and measured 18in long. Yesterday, she weighed in at 9lbs 6oz and measured 22in! Our LITTLE girl is growing so much! And although we made the switch from Newborn to Size 1 diapers this past week AND I adjusted the straps in her infant carrier. I hadn't posted these little milestones to the blog because I think in some weird part of my head, I'm still in a bit of denial. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled she is healthy and growing but it's happening too fast! I even packed away most of her Newborn clothes last week! There are a few pairs of pants labeled NB, but they measure with the other 0-3mo clothes. Now all we need is warmer weather for her to be able to wear more of her 0-3mo clothes!

The 2mo well visit would not be complete without her immunizations. Matt was thrilled he wouldn't be attending because he didn't want to see her cry, thanks babe. The nurse did give me the option to split her immunizations and I eagerly accepted! We did the polio by mouth, DTaP (right thigh) and Rotovirus (left thigh). The polio was sugary so she did great with that. With each shot, she looked a bit shocked then SCREAMED, her face quickly becoming reddish-purple! When her color returned to normal, she was fine again. She was such a trooper! She was more tired than usual in the evening and fussy. I kept giving her Tylenol every 4hrs. And we had another Mommy & Me bubble bath which she really seemed to enjoy. The warm water probably made her little legs feel better after the shots. We go back in 2wks for the other 3 immunization shots.

I haven't given her any Tylenol since 2am, and while I think she's still feeling a bit yucky from yesterday I don't think she's in pain and she doesn't have fever (cool as a cucumber!). We're just going to have a lazy day snuggling, we're both still in our pajamas. I'm sure Matt's a little jealous of my snuggle time, but I guess that's what he gets for being so happy he missed out on the doctor visit! :)