Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Time & Happy Birthday Wesley!

Today my brother turns 26! And in honor of his birthday, the city of Tampa hosted the Gasparilla Parade. Every few years the two events fall together, which is fitting since Wes was born during Gasparilla - everyone watched the parade in 1983 on TV from the maternity waiting room. Matt, Abigail and I did not attend the Gasparilla Parade. In a few years, we'll be attending the Children's Parade I'm sure. Instead, we had another fun filled day, we were able to introduce Abigail to even more of her relatives. Then we had dinner with my friend Janet & her hubby-to-be Mike at Cheesecake Factory (yum!). (Janet, don't forget to give Mike the blog address.)

Photos from Today

This video is super cute! Kaely (2yrs old) sings Abigail the ABCs.
ABCs with Kaely & Abby from Jill Barnes on Vimeo.

Tomorrow will be more excitement with more friends, cousins, great-aunts, great-uncles and great-grandparents.