Monday, February 23, 2009

CrashB Photo Blog Under Construction

After spending some time this weekend really thinking about starting up a freelance photography business, I've decided to take a few steps forward to make this crazy idea become a reality. As of tonight, I now have a blog/website dedicated to the soon-to-be CrashB Photo. I spent some time over the weekend researching different website providers and even the possibility of purchasing my own domain, but these days simplicity means a lot to me because it saves time, money and sanity. My wife and daughter should be very appreciative that I'm keeping things simple while I put together the essentials of my business, especially since I'm normally a complicated perfectionist. With that said, my basic idea for the new blog is to post photos and information pertaining to my business. This should be a great tool that I can utilize when potential clients need more information or to see samples of my work. It'll probably be sometime before I even land that first client, which means some photos of Miss Abigail and/or friends and family will probably show up over there as well as here...with their permission, of course. Anyways, wish me luck! :-)

CrashB Blog Background