Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Happenings...

Condo Up High

Thursday is coming to a close here and just have a few things to mention as the weekend approaches. First, Miss Abigail is enjoying a little time with her Nina this evening. Anita drove up from Tampa today and is planning on staying here through next weekend when Wayne is flying into town. Jill, Abby and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon for our weekend trip up to the condo in Pigeon Forge for our anniversary. Jill and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage on Wednesday next week, so having a short getaway with Abby in tow should be nice. Anita will be Toby-sitting while we're gone, but may be returning back to Tampa sometime over the weekend depending on how everything goes with her cousin, Rita who is battling cancer and not doing well. For those who know Rita and even those who don't, please remember her and the family in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, I'm happy to share that my grandfather proposed to his "lady-friend" this past weekend and, of course, she said yes. They've been dating for sometime now, and I guess it finally made sense to tie the knot, even if he is 84 years old. I guess love has no age limits! :-) My family is really happy about this because we've worried about him ever since my grandmother passed away back in 2001. He managed well since he had his furry four-legged friend, Deebee to keep him company, but she passed away last year leaving him home along in a house out in the country. He's such a strong guy, though, and I'm so proud to call him my grandfather.

The man has had a somewhat turbulent life, but he's battled through anything and everything life has thrown at him such as: serving in WWII where he was at one point captured only to escape and return back to the front lines to serve in the Battle of the Bulge among others; during the war received a "dear john" letter that his first wife was leaving him; after the war lost his 2nd wife & unborn child in a house fire; found the 3rd time to be a charm and began a family that includes my dad; lost his business in a fire and barely survived in 60's; lost his & my grandmother's home and all belongings in another fire in the late 90's; and then after 50+ years of marriage to my grandmother he watched her pass away in 2001. To see him keep truckin along makes me so proud. And now he's getting ready to tie the knot again to a very sweet lady. The cute couple has set their date for May 2nd, and I plan to be their wedding photographer, which would be a big honor for me since it would be my first official wedding. Of course, I'm sure I'll share duties with my older cousin who's a pro-photographer, but I know we'll all have some fun that day.

Last weekend my parents were visiting and I finally had the opportunity to capture my daughter showing those pitiful pouty lips that she's always giving me. Jill thinks this is more of a move to play on her daddy's soft heart than actually being upset.

So, that's about it from the Barnes household for now. Have a great weekend!