Thursday, February 5, 2009

Introducing...Our Nephew!!

Last night Jill, Abby, Anita and I drove down to Newnan for the baby reveal party at my sister & brother-in-law's. Unlike our time back several months ago, Val & Justin didn't have to keep their secret for long as they had the ultrasound right before the party. Before hand we did a vote, and it seemed to lean heavy towards a boy. The final verdict...


How cool is that? Jill and I just became parents only 7 weeks ago, and now we're going to become an aunt and uncle by July. Even better, my parents are going from only having grand-dogs to having two grandchildren in a 7 month span. For me, I'm excited because I'll have a little nephew to be rough and tough with. Boys get a totally different set of rules than those little girls, and rightly so. I wouldn't have Abby outside throwing the football and climbing trees (unless she wants to, of course), but with my nephew I'm sure Justin, Dad and I will all have a little fun being boys with him. Justin is already planning his first trip to Turner Field to watch the Braves, and I'll be itching to take him to an Auburn football game in a few short years.