Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleepy Girl

Abigail has been one sleepy girl today!

She woke me up this morning with her coos. She had a good couple hours awake. Then it seems like she's slept so much the rest of the day. She's slept in the swing, in my arms, in the swing again, and is now sleeping in the sling. I must admit, it's been nice! I actually ate, more than once! And not just a granola bar like other days where that's all I can manage before Matt gets home after 5pm! Today I had a bowl of cereal, a grilled cheese then a small portion of gnocci left over from my dinner last night. I even was able to fit a few thank you notes in AND two trips to the mailbox!

Usually, Abigail will not sleep longer than 30mins when we're home alone. If we're at home and have visitors, she'll sleep longer than 30mins. And when she is snoozing for me, I'm barely able to put her down. I'll wear her in the sling, but then I'm still fairly limited on what I can get done. If we go out, she'll sleep almost the entire time. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely L-O-V-E spending time with Abigail, even more now that she's showing her personality. Somedays I actually feel bad that I'm not productive with stuff around the house. I do have a happy and clean baby girl to show for my non-productive-around-the-house-self. :)

She did have 2 poopy diapers during the night, which isn't usual, she normall doesn't poo until morning. (Sorry if that's a little more detail than you would have hoped.) I guess she didn't sleep well last night, when she poos in her sleep she's very restless.

Matt should be home soon and hopefully he'll get some good Abby awake time. She's starting to wake up now, so it's time for a clean diaper and some boobie probably all just in time for Matt to get here!