Tuesday, May 26, 2009

backseat blogging

We left Tpa at 530 this morning. Abigail, Toby and I snoozed until Valdosta. I remembered Matt has a fancy phone currently and so decided I should blog from the backseat. Two weeks ago Matt's phone died. He chose a fancy phone that has WIFI and we are currently paying too much for the data plan until we get the rebate. At least I have something to occupy myself with since the kids are back in dreamland.

Abigail and I had a great week in Tpa. From my lack of tan you would have never known we were there for a week...it rained a lot. Matt joined us Thursday night and we spent most of our time relaxing on my parent's porch swing or on Steve & Joanna's dock. Sunday we went to Anna Maria Island for Abigail's first trip to the beach. Unfortunately her time at the beach was short lived, she gets overheated so easily! We did have plenty of time to socialize with family though. And we sang Happy "35th" Birthday to my mom, today is her actual day -- Happy Happy Mom! Last night we had dinner at Gma & Gpa's to celebrate Gpa's 78th birthday, his actual day is the 29th.

We're now passing through Macon and I think it's time to put the phone away...I haven't been car sick in years and don't want to revisit that again. We will post pictures and blog a Valerie/Gavin update soon, keep praying for them though!

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Janet said...

Macon!!! Haven't been back since I graduated. We never seem to make it past St. Augustine.