Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rollin' in the gDiapers

The gDiapers arrived yesterday and I was anxious to start using them today.

I had already planned to go walking at East Cobb Park with some other Marietta Moms so I didn't want to start the gDiapers on an outing. I was literally 'hit' with a shock when I got to the park. A lady backed into my parked car! I was sitting in the car trying to decide if it was going to keep sprinkling and if any other moms would show. Luckily, Abigail was still buckled in her seat and we weren't hit very hard. I saw her coming towards me and honked, got out and she drove away! I was hard to miss in my bright red shirt, especially after the honk and the bump. I memorized her tag and called Cobb County PD, fun. The cop ran her tag and was going to go to her home and ticket her for a hit & run. We have to wait to see what his report says to see how/when my car will be fixed. The rain let up for us to walk a bit then we went to Coffee Park so the other children could play indoors.

When I eventually made it home, I changed Abigail into a 'little g' and it was freakin' cute! It's sooo less bulky than Bumkin I had previously bought. Since that 1st g earlier, I've since changed three and Matt one. I'm liking them so far! Right before Matt got home, I had propped Abigail up on the couch to take a quick pic to share with you all, and she rolled over. She has rolled tummy to back a few times, but all flukes. I thought it was the curve of the couch, helping her out, but it wasn't. She kept doing it over and over, so my photo turned into a video. Once Matt got home, I put her on her playmat and she did it some more. SO CUTE!


Anonymous said...

OMG I cant belive you got hit and ditched?! Thats crazy. What happened now?

Kristi said...

GOOD JOB getting the license plate #! I'm so dsylexic when it comes to stuff like that. I'd get all the numbers but in a different order.

Janet Barredo said...

That has to be my favorite Abby video to date! She is so freaking cute and should definitely be a headband baby model. When I would try to get my nephew to roll over and get up on his hands at Abby's age now, he got frustrated pretty quickly and would grunt. Too cute for words. I hope the copy gives that lady a ticket!