Friday, May 22, 2009


First of all, I'd like to point out that I am actually blogging about today! I know we haven't been doing very well keeping up the blog, but life is too fun with Abigail.

We were supposed to join my grandparents and Wesley again at Castillos but Abigail surprised us by sleeping in. We had plans to do lunch with Janet in St. Pete, sorry we didn't take any pictures of her sassy new haircut with Abigail. On our way back home from lunch we detoured by Mavilo's to pick up baby jewelry that needed cleaning and picked up Abuela. Matt had some fun/lazy time with Abigail on the back porch.

This evening we had dinner with Sharon & Bob, Great-Aunt Zorida, Kevin & Sarah, Doug, Stephanie & Brooklyn. It gave all of them a chance to meet Abigail, and Matt & I a chance to meet Stephanie & Brooklyn. Doug married Stephanie over a year ago and we had yet to meet! Well, we were living in TN and they recently moved from SC to Tampa. It was a nice evening with family. Then Abigail stole the show and rolled all by herself from back to belly!