Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She's SO Flexible

Abigail is getting to be more and more fun each day...and it almost seems like she discovers something new each day as well. Today we had the 2nd round of 4mo shots. While we waited for the nurse to bring her in her shots, Abigail had lots of fun tasting her toes and doing leg lifts. She surprised me when the arch of her foot actually made it in her mouth! She did it enough times, and kept the foot in place long enough too, for me to snap a pic. Too funny!

I must say Abigail was amazing today! She only had 2 shots, HIB and Prevnar, and she whimpered at the first and then cried at the second. The nurse said the Prevnar burns a lot.

Abigail was also weighed today and is now 11lbs 12oz (an 8oz gain from 2wks ago).