Friday, May 15, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane - LONG UPDATE

Hello from Fairhope, AL!! Yes we're here for the wedding of Jill's college friend, Emily. We're joined by Wayne, Anita, and the Henriquez grandparents.

Alright, so we've neglected the blog somewhat over the last few weeks, and for that we apologize. Of course, it's always hard to find time to blog or do much of anything else when you're constantly on the go the way we have been this Spring. The funny thing is we knew that we were going to have to run the gauntlet the next few weeks anyways as April and May approached. We had 3 weddings already planned, but then there was the unexpected (but grateful) sale of our townhome in April that shifted our lives into an even more chaotic schedule than what we had originally planned. So amid all the weekends away, we then added a trip to Nashville for the closing and to see friends while we were there. So without going into detail about the trips we made, I'll just give a few short blurbs about each event and then have a slideshow of photos to go along with it. Enjoy the massive update:

Weekend of April 24th-26th:

Jill had driven down to Tampa earlier in the week to enjoy some family time while I stuck around that week here in Atlanta for work. On that Friday evening I caught a flight and began the ultra quick weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we attended Janet & Mike's wedding in St. Pete. Great time, loads of fun! On Sunday at 6am, we loaded up the car and headed back to Atlanta.

Weekend of May 1st-3rd

We actually drove to Nashville on Wednesday (4/29) so I could tackle the tall task of steam cleaning the townhouse carpets before the closing on Thursday. Jill and Abby stayed at the hotel while I knocked out the carpets late that night, and then Thursday morning we met up with some of Jill's former coworkers from Hotel Preston for breakfast. That afternoon we had the closing in Franklin, then drove back over to my former job site, Griffin, to show off little Miss Abigail. That evening we met up with friends, including Clint, Fernanda, Mark & Samantha for a few beers at Yazoo. Abby got to meet Brian and Brandy (Yazoo bartenders) and even serve her first beer from a bar. Nice, eh!

On Friday we drove home where my mom met up with us since my dad was on his way to bike week in PC, Florida. On Saturday night we had friends over for a cookout (Adam, Elaine, Clint, Kelly, Julie and her new baby son, Desmond). On Sunday, I got up early and met up with some people for the May Caffeine & Octane car meetup in East Cobb.

Weekend of May 8th-10th

We traveled to LaGrange for the dual purposes of my grandfather's wedding and Mother's Day. I was the photographer at the wedding on Saturday and had a front row seat (technically on the floor) for my grandfather's wedding ceremony. Btw, he's 84 years old and was married to Evelyn, who is 76. Love has no age limits people, and they both are incredible human beings with big hearts and plenty of love to go around. I was so proud of both of them. And yes, it was possibly the most hilarious wedding I've ever been to. Lots of fun, though.

On Sunday we went to church and then enjoyed our Mother's Day dinner @ Ruby Tuesday. The dining experience would not have been complete had the waitress not spilled an entire glass of water on my mom, therefore solidifying the idea that LaGrange has the worst food industry workers for a concentrated area ever. We had a good lunch overall, said our goodbyes, and then headed back to Marietta to salvage the few hours of the weekend that were left.

Wow, I think I kept that 3+ week update fairly simple. So, in summation, it was an interesting and fast-paced 3 weeks (excluding the craziness of the weeks prior to that). After this weekend, Jill & Abby are riding back to Tampa with Wayne, Anita and the Henriquez granparents while I head back to Atlanta for the week. Of course, next weekend is Memorial weekend, so I'm driving down Thursday night to meet back up with everyone in Tampa. Oh, and just for kicks, add in the fact that Miss Abigail is now just a few days shy of turning 5 months old. Yowza, where does the time go??? Well, I'm sure it's easy for everyone to understand how insanely wild these times are for us. We will try to update more as things slow down, so just make sure to check in on us when you can. And please...please...could you drop us a little comment to let us know that you people are still out there checking this blog? Thanks and have a great week!!