Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Flies...She's Getting So Big

Everyone with children (especially adult children) tell us how fast time will fly, and the last 4 months have done just that. Abigail is actually half way through her 4th month. I had her 4mo appt last Tuesday, she weighed in at 11lbs 4oz and now measures 24in long. While Abigail is in the lowest percentages compared to the other babies her age, the Pediatrician described her as 'long and lean.' (I think it's a little silly to compare babies of the same age together since the factors of birth weight and size of parents isn't taken into consideration.)

Currently, Abigail is still wearing mostly 0-3mo clothing (most says up to 12.5lbs) and size 1 diapers (up to 12lbs). I can tell the diapers are starting to get a little small, so we'll be finishing off what we have then move along (albeit, sadly for me) to the size 1-2s. Luckily, I found one huge box of size 1 diapers in the closet over the weekend (thanks Christina or Nikki, they were from one of you) and it seems I found them just in time!

I know this sentimentality is not the update and recap you were expecting, but Abigail was sleeping so adorable on Matt again tonight. It slightly startled me, the site of her, and I thought 'holy crap, she's gotten huge.' So here's a picture of her sleeping with Matt when she was 1mo old compared to 4mo old.

We took a break and hadn't put Abigail in the Jumperoo in a while, then tried it again a week or so ago. I finally took video of her yesterday in it, it's really funny. Her little legs move so fast!

Well, Abigail was playing with Matt but it's almost that time of the night where only Mommy will do. He took her upstairs to change her into her pajamas. Low and behold, she's wearing Melina hand-me-down snowman/tree footie pajamas. Abigail has allowed a playtime distraction so we took another quick video, until the batteries died. We're trying to keep her up as late as possible to exhaust her so we don't have another late night nap like the last two nights. It's now officially time for Abigail to get her milk nightcap. Good Night!

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