Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Trip RECAP

First off...

Here's a pic of Abigail with Matt from yesterday. We had a nice dinner with Adam, Elaine & Evie. While we have all spent St. Patrick's together before, this was the first of many alcohol oriented holidays as PARENTS. While this year did not include any Irish Car Bombs we all enjoyed ourselves at Ted's Montana Grill, finished off with an early night in to get the girls to bed.

Abigail and I started the day early (for us) on the road by 9am. We picked up Aunt Val in Newnan and headed to LaGrange. First stop, Kimberly Clark to visit Papa (Donnie - Matt's dad). Nana (Sherry - Matt's mom) could not hold back her anticipation to see Abigail, and we received numerous phone calls until we arrived at Dr. Childress's office for our second stop. Val, Abigail and I met up with "The Greats" for lunch at Zaxby's ("The Greats" - Abigail's great grandparents). Stop four was at cousin Connie's salon...where our list of stops increased. Stop five was at a clinic where Great Aunt Shirley was waiting with Great Uncle Steve for his CatScan. This is also where Val's mother-in-law works, so we got to visit Patsy too. Next was the parking lot where Great Aunt Susan was getting off work. (We had stopped by to see Ronnie at the Toyota dealership but we were unaware that he has Wednesday's off.) Then we stopped by CVS to see cousin Jason, but Abigail was sleeping in the carrier so we missed that photo op. Last stop (number EIGHT) in LaGrange was cousin's David job. Whew! You'd never know how busy we were, Abigail was so happy and social with everyone.
Nana, Val, Abigail and I then headed back to Newnan. Nana rode with us so she could get some extra time with Abigail, and Val drove Nana's car. Nana couldn't resist snapping away!
We had perfect timing arriving in Newnan the same time Uncle Justin was getting home from work. Then us girls just hung out a bit longer until it was time for us to head back home.

Once we arrived home (at 8pm) I put Abigail in her bouncer so I could make some dinner. She's really been getting her little legs up and about lately, but she's never really grabbed at them like she did in the bouncer!
Feet Finding 03-18-09 from Jill Allison on Vimeo.

Her daddy snatched her from the bouncer as soon as he got home. He couldn't wait to get his turn with Abigail! We had a quick dinner, then as she started to get fussy (bedtime!) we took a quick shower to wash off all the germs (sorry lady, I just don't know you). Now she's fast asleep in her little crib next to the bed. And it's time for us to join her in Dreamland!

AND while I was writing this blog, our TN Realtor emailed us a offer. It's official, finally an offer! It's not outrageous, low balled our price by $7500 and asking 3% closing costs to be paid. Hopefully we will be able to find a happy medium through counter-offering. We'll keep everyone updated.