Friday, March 27, 2009

Weeekend Forecast? Rain with a side of Friends...

For those who aren't as lucky to be enjoying the dreary grayish weather that we metro Atlanta folks are dealing with right now, let me just say what a drag it is to have a Spring weekend be completely rained out. During the winter it made sense and I could deal with it since even if it was sunny outside the cold temps usually kept me inside. That's changed now that Spring has arrived. I want to be outside...whether it's shooting photos or working in the yard. Not the case this weekend. After basking in the glorious Springtime weather last weekend we will now regress back to spending time trapped inside the house as the forecast calls for rain...and more rain....and maybe even a little more rain. Yuck!

The weather not cooperating with what I want also makes it even more fun since our Birmingham friends, Garrett and Danitza, are coming to spend the weekend with us. I'm sure we'll find some things to do, but it would've been really nice if we could've enjoyed some Stone Mountain time or any other outside activity. Oh well. It's never a dull moment with Danitza around, so we should be entertained by her quite a bit. :-)

On a side not, I've been meaning to do a little refresh on the blog for a little while now, but time hasn't been easy to come by at home or at work lately. I've been slowly learning more and more about HTML and what editing I can do with our blog in particular via code. Blame it on the rain...or blame it on the more relaxed pace here at work today, but I've finally taken a little time here around lunch to throw some new elements into our blog. For the most part, it's a color refresh, but there are subtle changes to the blog title, blog posting background and the main blog background, which I created in Photoshop. The designer in me still isn't completely satisfied, but I still have my photography blog that I can work on to keep me from doing any further tweaks to this blog.