Monday, March 16, 2009

Just another manic Monday

We got a really early start today. After spending another nice weekend in Tampa, we left super early (4:30am!) in order to get to Atlanta for Matt to get to work. The drive down took an hour longer than usual due to bad Atlanta traffic and a cranky Abigail. So we decided to drive in the AM instead of the PM for the return trip. We made the drive in record time with Abigail, 6hrs 40mins. Matt got home a bit ago and wanted to take a snooze. I got a little nap in the car. Before I knew it the three of them were passed out on the couch, as cute as can be! Toby woke up when I was trying to get in position to snap the picture, then quickly fell back to sleep again.On another front, rumor has it, we should be receiving a contract on the Nashville townhouse this week. We had two showings over the weekend, one being returning viewers. Matt & I had planned to go up to Nashville this weekend so Matt could touch up the walls, and make sure everything looked good. But with the possible offer, we may just change our plans and stay home...we could use a slow weekend. Please say a few extra prayers for a GOOD offer, so we can finally sell it and buy our new home in Marietta.