Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Daddy Time!

Right now, I'm sitting at the dining room table starting this blog, while the 2 videos are uploading on Vimeo. It might be a while until I can post, the first video is only at 20%. As we've previously mentioned, Abigail has been a lot more active lately and loves her Daddy time even more. Abigail is currently playing with Matt in the living room. This is nice, I'm getting a little 'alone' time, even if it is just from the other room...and I'm going to kick myself in a few minutes when I realize I should have used this time to shower.

A few minutes ago, Matt actually came in and grabbed one of our dining room chairs. Abigail is kicking and kicking and kicking on the pack-n-play so he's going to sit there an watch her. What's even funnier, I can actually HEAR her little feet going a mile a minute. When her socks rub against the pack-n-play it makes a little swooshing sound. Before this, he had her on his lap and was making her dance, which is one of the videos, but that one might not be ready until the morning. After I took the video, I could hear him chanting 'Frank the Tank'. I'm not so sure what that was about.

Well, it looks like my alone time was very short-lived. Abigail is getting fussy and the first video is only at 26%. One of us will update this blog with the video whenever it finishes. Maybe I will get a shower after all, before Biggest Loser starts, it'll just have to be a shower with Abigail. :)

EDIT: It's now 12:27am, and the first video is finally ready. The video took 2hrs to upload, then gave me an error msg and I had to start all over. The 2nd attempt took 3hrs! Hopefully, the 2nd video wont have any problems uploading while I'm far off in dreamland so I can post it as soon as I wake up.
03-31-09 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo.