Friday, March 27, 2009

Naptime Randonmess

~No socks...that was going to be the title of this blog. I don't know what it is, but Abigail has managed to kick off her socks the last THREE nights. I've discovered this during her first night time feeding, usually between 1am and 3am, I really don't know how she does it! Last night I thought the KNEE HIGH socks were foolproof, but I'm the fool instead! She sleeps in gowns because the nighttime diaper changes are easier, but she might have to start wearing the footy pj's instead since she kicks off her blanket. Those little legs are non-stop, day and night. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

~During naptime today...
1. I had a lovely video chat with Jeri. She was hoping to catch Abigail awake, but we'll have to try again another day.
3a. Updated the photo shoot times for next Saturday on Marietta Moms. For those of you who don't know, Matt's offering a free photo shoot at Marietta Square next Saturday to help build his portfolio for this new venture. We already had 5 times filled, and just added 3 more!
3b. Sent out some messages to inform some people of the Ice Cream photo shoot next Sunday in LaGrange. Matt's parents are co-owners of Scoops, an ice cream shop that will be opening mid-April. Hopefully, Matt will get some cute shots of kids eating ice cream that can then become art work at Scoops.
4. Joined the Marietta Moms Walk for Autism Team. The walk will take place Sunday, May 3rd (and we'll actually be in town!). The team is also trying to raise money, so if your interested you can check out THIS LINK.
5. I TOOK A SHOWER! Now this might not seem like a very exciting task, but it is a highlight to my day. I normally wait until Matt's home, but then postpone the shower it's too late and I have to basically jump in and out beacuse Abigail gets fussy. I can sometimes put her in the boppy and shower, but I feel like I'm neglecting her during awake time. Toby just doesn't entertain her like I do. I haven't really wanted to shower during naps beacuse sometimes the naps are 30mins and sometimes they are a couple hours. Either way, today was such a succes I was even able to shave my legs.
6. I updated our calendar and forwarded it along to keep our parents updated with our schedule. Somehow we're always busy! We do love it, but it does get exhausting...and our house usually suffers the most...then the wrath of the neglected is what we hate the most.
7. Now I've been blogging.

I feel quite productive today. Now I'm going to pick up a little bit more before we spend the next few days with Garrett & Danitza. They are our friends from Birmingham and should be here between 4 & 5. Fun! Oooh...I think I hear squirming on the monitor. I guess naptime is coming to an end. :)