Saturday, March 14, 2009

Domenico Arrives

We're in Tampa this weekend for a very special reason. Jill's family has relatives in Italy, and one of the cousins is here in the US as a foreign exchange student this Spring semester up in Rochester, NY. Since his Spring Break is this week, he flew down this afternoon with a fellow Italian student/friend so they can spend time down here seeing Tampa and visiting with the family. Jill last saw Domenico back in 2000 when her and the rest of the Henriquez clan were on their trip to Italy. A lot has changed since then, of course, and so it's great for all of them to see him again and for me & Abigail to finally meet him.

Domenico and his friend, Carmine, flew into Tampa this afternoon and were greeted by Jill's parents and aunts & uncles...which I'm sure was a bit of a scene. From there everyone gathered back here at Wayne & Anita's for an evening of dinner and conversation. What's on the menu? Well, America's finest Italian cuisine...Pizza Hut! Ha. :-)

Anyways, it's going to be a short weekend for Jill, Abby and me. We're going to head out tomorrow morning to visit the aquarium with Marisa and the kids, which should be fun. And tomorrow afternoon/evening we're going next door for a big family get together at Steve & Joanna's. I decided to postpone the drive back to Atlanta until an early Monday morning departure, so we'll see how well that plan works. Considering how poorly Abigail dealt with our evening drive down last night, I can only hope that she'll sleep a bit more if we make the drive in the morning instead.

Okay, so it's almost midnight and I really wanted to do a morning stroll through the orange groves tomorrow before we left for the aquarium, so goodnight...sleep tight...and don't let the bed bugs bite! :-)