Sunday, March 29, 2009

Early Morning with Daddy...and Weekend Recap

I originally began this post last night, but as I reached my 6th paragraph I realized how unbelievably tired I was and decided that I should just finish it in the morning. And now here I sit at my early bird to the office this morning ready to tackle the new week...and I just don't feel like finishing my lengthy blog post. Instead, I'm erasing it and going to keep this one simple, so here it goes...

I'm in a bit earlier than normal this morning thanks to Miss Abigail, whose abnormal sleep schedule over the weekend carried over into this morning. After eating around 5am, she decided that it was time to talk and play, which I woke up to. Jill was having a hard time controlling her laughing as she listened to Abby talk, and I didn't help by asking if our daughter was on crack. ;o) Knowing she was only starting, and also knowing that Jill needed a little more sleep before she attends her baby stroller boot camp, I picked up the little girl and we made our way into the bathroom. Abby proceeded to kick and talk and smile for the next 45 minutes or so until she realized it was 6am and then got tired again. Like a good Daddy, I held her and swayed until she went to sleep before taking her back to the crib. Honestly, folks, this is a new thing for me. Abigail loves her Daddy, but I've just been there for fun. Jill has been the comforter and soother up until this point. Hopefully, this is a new trend that will not only make me feel better as a daddy, but also help Jill out from time to time.

So, that's been my morning. After normally dreading my Monday mornings, this was a nice way to start the week off, so thank you, Abigail. ;-)

Beyond that, I just wanted to do a short recap on the weekend. Garrett and Danitza arrived from B'ham on Friday afternoon for their visit and finally got to meet Abby. We didn't do a whole lot, which is understandable since we have a 3 month old and also the fact that Danitza is 21 weeks pregnant herself. Add in the fact that the weather this weekend was absolutely crappy and we have enough reasons why it became more of a lazy uneventful time...but fun time with friends. We did muster in a visit to IKEA on Saturday, which is quickly becoming my favorite spot to kill time when we have no other plans. I think Jill doesn't mind, but I can't say she loves visiting the giant Swedish furniture and accessory store as often as I do. We tried to visit the Sweetwater Brewery also, but found out it was closed on Saturdays. On Sunday we grabbed some brunch over at J. Christopher's and then headed over to Stone Mountain for a little while. The temps stayed in the high 40's pretty much the entire time we were there, though, so we didn't venture up to the top this time. Jill did get her funnel cake, though.

Overall, it was a fun little weekend and now we're back to the work week here for me. This coming weekend is a big one for my photography as I'll be doing free photo mini-sessions with mostly kids at the square on Saturday. It's my first official gig as a "professional" photographer, and hopefully a great opportunity to showcase my talent to others while also picking up a few future clients. I'm stoked about it and know it will be on my mind all week, but I've got enough to tangle with her at the office to keep my mind focused on other things for now. With that said, I'm going to end this blog and actually begin my work week. Have a great week, everyone!