Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Barnes Has a Name

In case you were wondering what we were going to call our baby girl, the wait is over (we think, haha). It really took us a while because frankly, we were over-thinking the whole name game. Of course, that's incredibly easy to do since we're having to think of a name that will be our baby girl's for the rest of her life. Scary, right. I mean really, think of all those kids you knew who just didn't seem to fit their names. "Oh, he definitely looks more like a Chris than a Walter." And for me, it was important to find a less than common name mostly due to the fact that my name was Matt. Just to give an example of how popular that name was, when I was turning 12 I had invited 7 friends over to the house for my birthday. Of those 7 boys, 4 were named Matt including me. Sheesh!

And so we came up with Abigail during one of Jill's craving dinners at Outback a few weeks ago. We weren't sure it was going to stick because we still had to determine a middle name and that could have changes everything. Jill wasn't thrilled it was in the Top 10 girl names of 2007, but we still liked it best. Thankfully, we didn't have to go back to the drawing board when Jill pitched the name "Jaclyn" as Abby's middle name. Of course, I've already worked on some nicknames for her including "Abby Jack." :-)

And since we're talking about our little one I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight was our first pregnancy education class. We got to learn a few things about the birthing process tonight and I'd be lying if I said that I was close to hurling at one point. Matt doesn't do graphic photos, illustrations and talk very well. And let me tell you, those photos of the baby "crowning" as well as the placenta were really gross. Oh well, I've got 12 weeks to get used to it before the big day. The class continues next week and continues for 3 more weeks so stay tuned.

Beyond that, I also wanted to post Jill's photo of her new haircut and soon-to-be donated hair. She'll be mailing the 10 inches that was trimmed off to Beautiful Lengths. She had grown her hair out ever since a donation to Locks of Love back in April 2006.