Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 28

Each week, Jill and I receive a newsletter email from WhatToExpect.com about the stages of pregnancy. Sometimes they're a little too informative to share with all of you, but I thought this one was a little less "revealing" and I really liked hearing how our baby girl is already about 16 inches in length.

By the way, we're heading down to Atlanta for some reasons I'd rather not share right now, but some of you family members may already know. For those who don't know, I may share the details at some point this week or next. Stay tuned...

Week 28: Dream, Dream, Dream

Are you dreaming about your baby? Your baby may be dreaming about you, too. Brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including the rapid eye movement phase, the stage when dreaming occurs. By now, your baby, who weighs in at about two and a half pounds and stands — or rather lies — at almost 16 inches (measured head to toe) has added blinking to his or her growing bag of tricks. (Outside in the real world, blinking is necessary to help keep foreign objects out of the eyes.) Other impressive new talents being added to your baby's roster include coughing, more intense sucking, and, perhaps most important, better breathing.

The good news is that babies born this week, though premature, have an excellent prognosis because their lungs have reached the point (for the most part) of maturity — so you too can breathe a little easier now. Of course, it's still best if a baby doesn't check out of that uterine hotel just yet — there's still a lot of growing and maturing to do over the next 12 weeks.