Monday, September 22, 2008

Duct Tape for Toby

And so some of you may know that Toby has this nasty "lick granule" on one of his hind legs, and any attempt to stop him from continuously irritating the area has not succeeded. And before you suggest Toby wearing one of those cones or wrapping his leg in a bandage, trust me when I say that we've practically tried everything. Despite a cone, he can lick the spot. Despite having a bandage on it, which is then soaked in some strong smelling substance such as Vicks, he manages to eat the bandage off. Well, it had been a nuisance only in the sense that he would make loud licking noises at night while we're trying to sleep, but never really got too gross. That is until recently when his nervous habit had created a really disgusting open wound that...well, leaves nasty spots every where he lays (sorry for the gross details). Anyways, I had enough late last night and tried to get creative with another option...DUCT TAPE! That's right, I took a wash cloth and then proceeded to secure it to his leg with duct tape. Unfortunately, this too was overcome by the Toby. Not sure what else to do other than place the lower half of his body into a burlap sack. Just kiddin!
The left photo is of Toby with an unsure look of what I just wrapped on his leg. On the right, that's him relaxing on my laptop bag after a long day.