Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday Late Night

I really need to work on getting into bed earlier than these midnight hours, but editing photos seems to take a little more time than I realize. With that said, I have at least finished processing all of the photos from Christina & Eric's wedding this past Saturday. I just wasn't that inspired for some reason to snap away during the event, but somehow managed to process over 200 photos. Um, yeah even I think that's way too much for being so uninspired. I did get a few good shots, but really enjoyed the candid photos I was able to take such as the one below. That's my brother-in-law giving some great "Qwez-dom" to the camera for the newlyweds.

Wise Words of Qwez
Originally uploaded by crashmattb

Anyways, only a few made the cut to my Flickr site, which are those scrolling below. All others will make their way onto Jill's Snapfish so we can email them out to everyone. Of course, Melina's birthday party Sunday had me more motivated to shoot, so I will now get back to processing the 300+ photos I took there. At least the weekend will give me some more time to work on those. Haha! Goodnight.