Saturday, September 27, 2008

Golf & Football

This Saturday is close to being officially over and what a long day it's been. We woke up early to the phone call of our A/C repair guy who was waiting outside our front door ready to fix the A/C unit coil that has been the root of all of our A/C issues since the first of July. Yes, I could spend 3-4 paragraphs explaining why it took over 2 months for the correct problem to be fixed, but honestly it doesn't matter at this point. Anyways, we now have A/C again for the first time in a full week. Lets hope the 5th time is the charm.

Thankfully, I had an excuse to escape this morning (sorry Jill) while the repair guy was here because John (Jill's 1st cousin) drove down from Louisville and we went out to play a little golf. He's in town mostly for a golf clinic course that he's taking with his boss on Sunday, but they wanted to do a little warm up before so we headed down to Smyrna. Now I haven't played in months, but somehow came out playing really well. I managed a few pars and even a birdie, so I was definitely pleased. Of course, the Auburn-Tennessee game was at 2:30pm, so I only played 9 holes and headed back home. Good thing, I usually play poorly on the back 9 anyways. Ha!

(AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Jill, Toby and I went over to Clint and Fernanda's for some grilling out and to watch the game...and I've got to say that the grilling out was by far more interesting than Auburn's 14 to 12 win. Sadly, Auburn's offense continues to struggle to find some form of consistency, but thankfully our defense continues to keep us in games and even scored the same amount of points (7) in this contest as our offense managed. I know, it's hard to complain when your team is winning and we are now 4-1, so I will just pray that our offense finds itself eventually. Also, after watching Alabama throttle "blacked-out" Georgia 41-30 in Athens tonight, I think that just shows how on any given Saturday a team can find a way to win (see Ole Miss' upset win over Florida today, too).

Oh, and tomorrow we'll be going to the Titans game thanks to some free tix that I got from vendor. This will be my first Titans game, and hopefully they'll beat up on the visiting Minnesota Vikings. I may blog that tomorrow. Right now, I'm ready to crash. Time to call it an evening. War Damn Eagle and goodnight!