Saturday, June 20, 2009

6 Months

Today has come and gone, and we're close to wrapping things up and calling it a night. Before we do, though, we wanted to just post a quick blog since today Abigail turned 6 months old. That's right, folks, our beautiful baby girl has reached that 6 month mark already. Now we didn't have a big celebration or even sit her down in front of a half cake (as some parents are beginning to do), but we did shower her with plenty of kisses and hugs today. It's just amazing to see our little girl growing up in front of us. Yes I'm aware that there's so much more ahead in the coming months and years, but we're trying our best to enjoy all the subtle changes she's going through day after day right now.

For me, recalling that Dec 20th is actually hard to do. I know in a way it seems like the past 6 months have flown by, but it also seems like that was ages ago. I guess the way the events from that day sit in my mind is...anticipation to overwhelming fear to uncontrollable joy. By later that evening we were able to finally meet little Miss Abigail and the rest is of course history.

So here's a two slideshows. One is a collection of just a few of the plethora of photos we have taken over the last 6 months, while the other slideshow will help us all remember that December 20th night. Enjoy!

And this blog wouldn't be complete without another video of Abby. She was in her Jumperoo again, so Jill picked up the camera. Watch for those gummy smiles! :-)

Run-a-Roo 06-20-09 from Jill Barnes on Vimeo.