Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another long day...

It's a bit after 11pm and Toby is already fast asleep in his bed. Matt, Abigail and I are hanging out on our bed while Abs gets her remaining energy out. She had a late nap on the way back from Piedmont Hospital and we just got home...before I go any further let me start from the beginning.

We began our day with some of the IND crew for breakfast at Marietta Diner. Julie & Shawn live in the ATL area, and their son Desmond is only 3mo behind Abigail. Kristi & Trevor were visiting from Huntsville. Off the top of my head I cannot remember the last time we saw them, so it was nice getting some social time with them last night and today. Here's a picture of Kristi & Trevor with Abs and Des.

We then proceeded down to Newnan for a Baby Shower for Valerie & Justin. Valerie is 35wks today and during all the fun starting contracting. After a while Val was sent to bed and we started timing - 2mins apart lasting at least a min long. Everyone was accounted for due to the shower and once they were steady for an hour and a half we all headed to the hospital. Luckily, for Gavin's sake, it was another false alarm; this one due to a bladder infection. Poor Valerie, I'm sure she's starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf. Gavin will arrive soon enough!

Matt and I have another full week ahead. I think after Wednesday, our lives should slow down for a while (unfortunately, SLOW for us isn't the same as other people's slow). I hope we'll be able to fit in some blogging time, even if it's just some pictures that Matt hasn't yet posted. :)