Monday, June 8, 2009

The heat is......STILL ON

Today is Day 5 of no A/C.

Day 1, Thursday, wasn't too bad because it rained most of the day.
Day 2, overcast all day.
--I couldn't leave the house either day because the contractor, appraiser, A/C guy were supposed to be coming by. Matt was the lucky one, out of town in SC for work, and therefore in a fully air conditioned hotel room.

Saturday was nice too, surprisingly enough. We went to Julie & Shawn's for a cookout and late in the evening I remember getting chills from a cool breeze. Yesterday, Toby was alone with the five fans while we were in Newnan. I can tell we're not getting great sleep since it's not as cool in our bedroom as we usually keep it.

This evening we've been on the phone with the repair guy, the homeowner, the homeowner's Realtor and our Realtor. The homeowner's Realtor is trying to push a bit of blame on us due to a pushed back closing date. We do not accept blame because the homeowner was neglectful in not renewing the home warranty that expired...and we notified him of problem and kept him updated with the continued progression of the problem well before the A/C actually stopped working. The repair man had issues finding a replacement piece because the unit is old. They still wanted us to wait until after the closing on Wednesday to call under the new home warranty, but then where will the financial responsibility lie AND WHEN would we actually have air?

Matt and I are simply annoyed. We haven't been very optimistic or innocent since we had a horrible ordeal with a similar situation in Nash last year, this is not the de ja vu I enjoy experiencing. This entire dilemma can be fixed tomorrow for the oh so cheap price of $1200 and the homeowner has asked for us to pay half. Joy.

I really could go on and on, but I'm too annoyed to continue ranting...and the laptop is heating me up and since there's no A/C to cool me off, I'm going to say farewell to the computer for now.