Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daddy is Getting Brave

Yesterday I attended a research study for baby wipes and Matt hung out with Abigail. It was only for 2hrs from 2:30-4:30, so I knew he could do it. It was a change of pace for both of them, and I got to make $85.

Today when the A/C repair man was finishing up, Matt hung out at the hot house with Abs and Tobs while I ran to Publix for a few items. He said Abigail fell asleep not long after I left, giving him some XBOX time.

I'm not fond of leaving Abigail, but know I should ease into it for both our sakes. Ocassionally, the Marietta Moms group plans some evening activities and I'd like to attend eventually....but there will be plenty of time for Melting Pot Girls Night Out and Sips & Stokes when Abigail gets older.

Sidenote: A/C is up and running. We're not thrilled about paying for part of it, but at least the air is on and it's a done deal. Now onto the house closing on Wednesday.