Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Well, the minutes are counting down before my first Father's Day is in the books, and it was definitely a great day thanks to both Jill and Abby. This morning Jill cooked me a Father's Day breakfast of french toast, bacon and coffee, which was all very yummy. And since Jill needed to get ready, I got to spend a little daughter/father time while eating. Already on a good start to my day, we then packed into the car and headed down the road to attend Sunday morning church. Now we've been semi-church searching ever since we moved to Atlanta, although distractions such as a baby and constant travel sort of hampered our efforts a bit at times. Anyways, Jill had found this community church that wasn't too far away from the house and we figured it'd be worth a try. To my surprise...and Jill's too, we ended up loving the church service and most things about the church today. Just something about having that peace in your heart that makes it okay to relax and believe that this might be the place for us.

After church we made our way to Home Depot and Lowe's to game plan the upcoming house work that we're either going to do or would like to do. Money and time are always obstacles, but at least we're able to focus both our ideas together, eh. Ha! I at least had no choice but to buy a gallon of paint, though, since we've stripped the walls bare in the guest bath. That project desperately needs to be done by Thursday, too, because Anita & Abuela are coming to visit starting Thursday.

Later on this evening my mom and dad joined us for for a little dinner and fun time with Abigial. We just cooked out and kept it simple, but it was nice to just have a relaxing evening with family, especially my dad since it was Father's Day. A good end to my first Father's Day.

Unfortunately, no photos of videos to share tonight. Stay tuned, though, because I'm sure we'll have plenty in the coming days. By the way, I saw Janet ask the question, so I figured I'd just update everyone real quick. As some or even most of you know, my company is laying me and several others at my office off in August, so I've been going through the time consuming task of updating my resume/portfolio and conducting a job search to keep us from being paycheck-less. Well, I was contacted early last week by a company that is need of an Art Director for their business, which is POP/POS (point of purchase / point of sale). I was told that Home Depot was a big client of theirs, but really don't have any other information despite numerous online searches. Anyways, this coming Friday I will have a sit down interview with the VP and other staff to see if I may be a fit for them. Considering they found me and contacted me, I'm hopeful that this may be a great opportunity to transition into when the layoff occurs in a few weeks. If you wouldn't mind, keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I'd really love to find an opportunity that doesn't require us to move or me to work away from Atlanta (since Jill refuses to move again. ha!)

Alright, it's 12:11am. Time to call it a night. Goodnight!