Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One More Week.......

The picture I posted last night is the ice cream bowl attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer. Janet, did you really know or did you see my Facebook posting?!?

No lie, I purchased the bowl right around the time we got married (since I received the mixer as a birthday gift that year). I've had the bowl 3 years and have never used it! I was disappointed it didn't come with any recipes and never got around to looking one up online. The entire time lived in Nashville it was packed away in the attic because we didn't have enough cabinet space. A couple weeks ago we went to Julie & Shawn's and they had homemade ice cream, and it was pretty yummy so it inspired me to finally give it a shot. I went simple with vanilla, for my first go, and it was quite tasty! We had a little last night and it was more of the consistency of a soft serve, but after being in the freezer overnight has hardened. Megan (neighbor girl) dropped by tonight while we were having dinner. I told her I made some and offered her a spoonful (so I would ruin her dinner), and when I scooped it out it was solid! I'm anxious to try it later tonight when we return from our evening walk.

Abigail slept well in her crib again last night, at least *after* she finally went down around 1AM - my fault, she didn't have a good afternoon nap and took a great evening nap. When I went into her room to wake her up this morning at 9:30, I ran to get the camera.The surprise is she had turned 90 degrees from how I laid her down (her feet should be pointing to the left). Matt said when he left she was still laying normally, so I don't know what transpired between Matt and I checked on her.

Tonight after a small bowl of Happy Bellies Multi-Grain Cereal I decided to see what Abigail thought of bananas. Of course I took video, you can see for yourself what she thought of the smashed banana.

I completely forgot to mention the One More Week reference! (Maybe it's because Megan, neighbor girl, is here watching WipeOut with us and is shouting every time someone wipes out. She is quite distracting and I really wish she would go home...especially since this is her THIRD visit for the day.) In exactly one week from today, it'll be Matt's birthday - turning the big TWO-NINE!