Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Recap

After I put Abigail to bed around 10pm last night, she woke about an hour later and I rocked (or should I say 'glided') her back to sleep. Matt and I slept in an Abigail-free room, and Toby regained his rightful spot on my side of the bed. Matt fell right asleep, it seemed...not me. My mind jumped from tangent to tangent and wouldn't rest. It was almost as if I was on edge waiting for Abigail to fuss or wake. I took that restless time to catch up on some much needed blog reading. (I follow a few blogs of friends & family and I don't remember the last time I read!)

I finally went to sleep around 2:30 and she hadn't made a peep the entire time! At 4am on the DOT she woke. I went in and fed her and put her back down. I didn't want to 'rock' her back to sleep because I don't want to get in the habit of doing that every night. If you must wake, then it's business only. I fell back asleep to her talking to the tag on something. (Have we mentioned she LOVES all the tags on all her toys? It's hilarious!) I must have dozed off because at 5am I was startled awake by a loud noise followed by beeping. The monitor was turned off. I had laid the monitor in her crib about a foot and a half above her head. Well, this girl gets what she wants, and had managed to grab the monitor and press the off button. Anyways, I glided her back to sleep and she was good until 9am.

I'm going to start (trying to) put her to bed at 10pm since she's in her room now. This will give Matt and I some Abigail-free time to catch up on stuff once she's down. She fell asleep quickly tonight. I heard a brief cry, but when I went up to check on her she was out cold. I wonder what tonight has in store...

Today we went to the East Cobb Park for a hike with my fellow Marietta Moms group. After the hike the older children played in the playground and I pushed Abigail in a swing. She was very content, and probably a bit confused since we've never done it before, I did get a few smiles out of her. I'm also including a slideshow of pictures, my camera was 'borrowed' by twin girls. They were too cute, loving my PINK phone with Tetris on it and my PINK camera.